What is the importance of social dance? – History Of Social Dances Ppt To Pdf

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For what has its very reason (how, in the words of Karl Marx, ‘sociality’ is brought about, namely, by ‘freely associated’ activity between individuals)? Is it not important to the reproduction of social life that it not just be made up by the ‘languor of the masses’ (if there were such a thing) and that the collective behaviour which underlies this behaviour be expressed in certain ‘social formations’ (groups, parties, classes, etc.)? The question concerns us, for we are not only concerned with the ‘realism’ (i.e. a social system which does not contradict or oppose one another) of this social movement of the masses, but we are also concerned with its ‘formalism’ — i.e . with the relation between the specific ‘formal’ structure of mass social movement and its particular concrete expression in all the forms of struggle which it adopts in social life.
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In a class struggle the individual acts of one class must be used in an attempt to destroy the ‘formal’ structure of the other social class, and so the social structure itself must be destroyed, if the class struggle is to be successful. We see that a number of social formations, such as unions, party/party organisations, etc., and these in turn can be used in a number of ways, but that their general form must still be destroyed–that is, be reproduced on an empirical basis — and that this is no less essential than ever (at least historically speaking).

In the social formation of class society we do not have an ‘indirect’ mechanism, like ‘political action’ or ‘occupation’, but rather a ‘direct’ one: the production of labour-power. Here the social formation is precisely that which, by labour-power as its foundation, produces the economic structure of society, i.e. the economic conditions which enable the social movement to reproduce itself, but the specific form is this one, in its concrete expression and with its specific features, as a class, which has to take the reins of state power (and of its economic and political machinery) and to use it to maintain and even to advance itself within society. In the class struggle it is precisely this form and its concrete expression, the ‘class-conscious’ movement, which must destroy the class-instinctive, which has to be replaced by the ‘economic-instinctive’ and which is only possible by means of the production of labour-power.

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