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Traditionally, ballet meant ballet. The word itself doesn’t really mean much today, and it’s likely because the movement is so old that it’s barely any longer used, but for most people it’s a pretty great name for the movement. If you watch the films of today’s top ballet dancers, you’ll see a whole lot of movement from the hips to the bottom of the feet. It’s the same in opera, music, and all things in between, so if you’re trying to pick out a movement, it will still be there if you look hard enough.

The name does have its critics who argue it sounds like dance itself, with the implication that dancing on the floor is dancing. But in fact it’s not. The movement itself, in fact all of ballet (and all forms of dance), are based on this notion. I do the dance in the book, it’s not just for looks. I’d probably watch your videos, I can’t speak to your dance or anything else, but if I had to choose between someone in a video dancing on the floor, and someone performing ballet from a stand-up position on a platform, I believe I’d go with the dancer on the platform.

How did you come to be involved in the practice of working with dancers?

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I’ve always loved the dance. I was probably about 7 or 8 when I started, I was a student of a guy in high school who choreographed dance and he said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had someone to do it?” I thought it was the best idea since the invention of the airplane, and I was absolutely shocked when I realized I wasn’t meant to be doing it, and I was so discouraged because the people that I liked were all dancers. I was never really good enough to dance so I kept coming home after school to do it, and the next year I took a dance class and I started doing it, and I didn’t stop doing it until I was 21. So I didn’t really know the way to dance until that point. The people at the studio I worked at were the ones who really taught me how to dance. In fact, my dad taught me, my first dance with a partner was a ballet partner, so I came from a very ballet family.

Did your own family support your interest and practice?

I didn’t have parents that really supported me, so I did it mostly on my own, though my friend was one of

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