Which dance is most popular? – Social Dance And Dance Mixers Ppt To Word

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2. Dance on your hands (2)

2. Dance to the music (2)

2. Dance to the tune on your mobile (2)

2. Dance to the tune on your phone (2)

3. Dance like the birds (10)

4. Dance like my soulmate (10)

5. Dance like a robot (4)

6. Dance like my parents (6)

7. Dance like a rockstar (3)

8. Dance like my favourite actor (5)

9. Dance like me (5)

10. Dance on your feet, too (7)

11. Dance everywhere (5)

12. Dance like the sky (5)

13. Ditch and dance (15)

14. Do your dances when I’m away (4)

15. Dress like I’m not married (6)

16. Go to Vegas and dance (5)

17. Do your dance on the street after I say bye (2)

18. Do your dance out of sight (2)

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