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AMY GOODMAN: On Tuesday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly failed to pass a budget resolution to avoid a government shutdown, marking the end of the year that saw Congress fail to pass a budget for four long months. The budget has failed on nearly every level: it had to be stripped of nearly all language pertaining to the NSA, the budget was stripped of language about the Environmental Protection Agency, and the House rejected an amendment that would have blocked funds for federal contracts for companies that provide oil and gas exploration and production services. The last vote was 213 to 201. The House was under the gun for a nearly four-month government shutdown. It was not a shutdown for a few days, though, as it passed a $900 billion short-term funding bill. Now, President Obama took to the floor to announce the spending bill that would get Congress moving.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Tonight is this country’s anniversary, and the country is ready to spend money to help our country move the country forward—make investments in clean energy, clean technology; create new jobs and grow our economy.

AMY GOODMAN: We return to the Senate vote on the U.S. budget. In her opening statement, Majority Leader Harry Reid said the vote showed Republicans were “out of bounds” to pass budget resolutions, and, in response, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the “Republican leadership has decided to stand in the way of the American people, not the American economy.” The vote had some Republicans, including former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, calling for a filibuster.

REID: Let me also say what you don’t need to be a Democrat to understand this. When you’re a Republican, your basic strategy is to make as much noise as you possibly can. Because that’s what you were elected to do. When you’re trying to shut government out for a little while, you’re trying to make noise, making sure that the public hears that. They were there to do their job, and they took the job very seriously. As they have in this particular instance, they turned it into a circus. And, in fact, it was a circus of a circus.

LINDSEY GARRETT: So, you have to believe that the Republicans—the GOP is going to continue to do things that will be bad for the country, not just when they’re in office, because then they’re going to be blamed.

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