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November 28, 2020 0 Comments

No, that’s easy.

It’s the “chill out” dance, which we have been describing over and over and over, again and again and again.

The cool thing is that once you’ve got this dance down, you don’t really need to do it in order.

“Chill out” isn’t the same as “cuddle,” however, and you won’t learn something important if you are doing the same dance all the time. And you don’t like the first-ever chill-out dance, so you’ll have to keep up with the next one.

This is also what is known in the dance world as a “back and forth.” The dance is performed to build up the muscles and speed up the nervous system.

So when you’ve got the dance down, just sit back and relax. We need to build up our relaxation muscles so we can feel comfortable around the man.

The “Chillout” dance

When, exactly, should you do it? Sometimes when we are having sex. Some of the time, it’s when we are feeling tired and our eyes are watering. Sometimes, we put on our underwear and lie on our stomachs to keep from getting soused on our thighs. Whatever the case, the “chill out” is the way to relax, get comfortable and soothe.

How to get it down

Take the dance steps below to get to know all of the body movements that make up the dance.

In my last piece I discussed the need for an inclusive approach to the relationship between government and media. I suggest that this should take the form of a media and government relations partnership – with the government engaged in media policy-making, while media is given the freedom to report on government policy.

There’s a danger that a media relationship would be more akin to working with a commercial entity like Starbucks than a government relationship. It would be much easier for politicians to offer favourable coverage of their corporate benefactors. In their own words, Starbucks has said it will help “fight government intrusion into small business”. Indeed, last week Prime Minister Tony Abbott said:

Starbucks is a company that has grown because Australia has grown – it is doing well because that’s what we do. It’s a good thing for a good thing to happen.

The reality is that businesses that focus on making lots of money – in our case, coffee consumption, and perhaps more globally – tend

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