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October 18, 2020 0 Comments

A hip hop dancer who will stop at nothing to put her love for her dance for others in a good light. She has her own website and will do anything to help her community in any way possible. The “Hip Hop Dancing” is what draws people to the community, they are the love their community and they are what makes the community vibrant. They bring a new perspective to their community, they bring in diversity to their people, they bring a new voice to the music industry with their passion and they bring fun and excitement to the music scene. If you have not seen them in person then you have not been living.

Nayhara Faisal is a dancer, vocalist and storyteller on the cutting edge of hip hop culture, who has spent over the last two decades of her life with the Hip Hop Dance Team of Toronto, Ontario. She has earned hundreds of awards for her ability to elevate the game of hip hop dancing through her relentless dedication to excellence, passion for her craft and her own passion as a dancer. She also works with charities and causes in the Toronto area as well as Canada, with her “Hip Hop Dance Team”. A woman who is a model of self-honesty and professionalism, Nayhara loves having people admire her for her passion and her passion only. She believes that the best is yet to come.

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