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Who’s better than I am at karaoke?” He’ll laugh and say “The man from Brooklyn,” and people will say no, they just can’t f***in’ stand him. And then he’ll win the Grammy. It’s kind of like being the best actor; there’s an artist you will always like or admire, and then there’s the artist who nobody wants to watch.

When are you hoping to find out who the greatest rap artist ever is?

I mean, the question is why not go with the greatest? There’s only so many ways to answer it. The best way for me to answer it is in terms of the biggest question of them all—for me, rap is about what’s going to happen next. It’s not about getting better and bigger and better, or about changing your career path or whatever, because in my opinion, no artist, no musician has got anything to accomplish from one moment to the next. You never will. It’s the thing you’re most afraid of, to be perfectly honest.

What made you want to become a film producer?

A few years ago, I got offered to turn one of my movies with Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg into an independent film. I was really interested in making a true story of some sort about a young man who tries his best to take care of his little sister and ends up getting caught up in a crazy case and ending up getting shot to death.

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It’s an iconic character in cinematic history, so how did you approach this character and how did the production work?

We did not have the time to do that! But if we could, you know, go for a really good actor from a movie he just made or something from his previous film. And if we could only see how good he would look with the makeup and hair, you know. We tried to find an actor with that kind of charisma and personality, and that’s what we got. It’s very flattering when you find your next big project is going to be a big movie like that. When you’re working with the most legendary person, you know, you think you’re the only one, but he’s so gracious and you’re the only one that really gets the opportunity.

And now that you’ve created films about famous people, what do you plan to do with them?

Yeah, I have another project on the horizon that I’m really excited about, and it’s a mystery. It

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