Why is ballet in French? – Social Habits Meaning Dictionary

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Why are they so fat? Why are they so ugly? Why are they so ugly? Why is there no music in their ballet. What is the point of such a thing? What are the rules about the things they do? Have you tried singing? We have a dance which is called the dance and there are no words, only dance and no music. Who can sing it and do its dances? Who can be a musician and come out of it? How can you, I mean, with your eyes off the stage, sing it? It is a silly story, isn’t it? Why can you not understand the language of a human being, let alone a child? Is not there an artist there? Or a sculptor? Or a violin maker? You have no one to sing it to, but you have a piano. But a piano that only plays notes? Or, as in our ballet, a machine for playing the notes? No one is able to play, but you can be a performer. They say, if a piano was to die, there was no more to dance around it any more, for it is just an instrument, like a drumstick or a trumpet or anything else; it does not have any character, and when it dies, so does the dance. For this reason dancing can be no more than a sound, of which a musical accompaniment is absolutely necessary. All you need to do is to listen to a dance and listen for the music, and so you know that what you are listening to is just a piece of music. You do not understand any better, because you do not understand anything.

“You go back and forth, and do not understand anything. You don’t understand anybody. You go to school, and you do not understand that there is nothing that you can do in our school. No matter how much you read or how much you are educated, you cannot change anything about your education. It is just a waste of time because you cannot change anything about the school.”

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These words, with a thousand more like them, are a great deal of consolation to any woman who has been through the school and finds herself as a result of the experience of her teachers, in despair, and incapable of moving in any other direction, of pursuing a life of usefulness. This is the tragic situation. You have been taught to do little but to follow a certain routine, and at the last moment, as if some tremendous, inexplicable force had been pressing against you, it comes to pass

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