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Bruno: I have two languages: English and French.

What was the last French dance you did?

Bruno: It was, like, the Ballet of Nations.

Would you like to do a French dance?

Bruno: Yes! I am so happy that I can say the same to my fellow countrymen.

What are your dreams?

Bruno: I would love to be a dancer. I want to play a lot of music in the ballet as well as to dance.

Where will you dance next?

Bruno: I will probably perform in the Grand Prix, the final of the European competition.

Which dance does that feel like?

Bruno: A very long dance.

How long do you think you can go?

Bruno: Four months.

You need this job?

Bruno: I love my work. This will definitely be the last time that I go to France.

Thank you for the interview. If you want to be a dancer and you are interested you can do so as soon as you finished reading this article. You can also find more interviews here.

The next French dance book, ‘The Art of Dance of the Past’ was released by Éditions de la Musique d’Orléans in Paris. ‘Ballet of Nations’ is a compilation of the dances of the Ballet d’Orléans. It goes on sale in September 2016.

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