Why is ballet in French? – What Is Theatrical Dance

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What is the French Dance Company?

What is the French Opera?

Which famous French artists are French?

How many French countries do you know?

What does french mean?

Who is the best french girl? Why?

Which famous french musician is french?

What is French music theory?

How do French people speak French?

What do French people do for fun?

Who is the French artist that loves France?

Who is the best french painter? Why?

What is a french accent?

How do you go from being French to being the English student?

How to learn french in school?

What is the last book you read about french?

What is french poetry?

Why should people learn french?

What is French history?

What is French culture?

What is french cuisine?

What makes French people tick?

What makes French men tick?

What do French people say? What does “France!” mean?

How do we go from being one language to another?

What languages are the most common in modern day? Learn what the most common languages are.

What languages exist in our time? Learn which languages are spoken around the world today.

When do we get a French word?

Which word and noun is used only in France?

What does french mean in French?

What does “l’échir” (the old men) mean?

What does “l’avoir” (the old woman) mean?

What does “parfaite” (the beautiful girl) mean?

What does “l’exemple” toi (the new teacher) means?

What does the “télégraphique” of “le monde” (the world) mean?

What does “je suis monsieur jeanne” (I am yours) in French mean?

What does “je ne sais pas” (I am not interested) mean in French?

Where do french people go for a vacation?

What is the best vacation destination?

What did the author write in the first sentence?

What does “a parler” (a friend) mean in French?

If I ask you to write a french poem, tell me how to

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