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As is the French accent. It goes like this: “Au cée oi, quand il m’a jolie…” Which has been translated as “Aoi le jolie, quand il m’a joli”/”You can see me from anywhere.” In any culture, it is used as a way of saying “I will give you directions, but you need to trust me when I tell you to turn right on the street.”

As a child I heard it every day at a wedding, and on my first trip to Haiti I had to give one in memory of my mom, who was a singer and a dancer and a great dancer, and who inspired me to dance and sing throughout, especially at my own wedding in the Dominican Republic, by the way, and to be a singer and not just be a dancer. And I was a very happy dancer, I would say. She came across every place and all the people: she could sing, she could dance. I’d have a song I’d sing and she’d stand by her side and she would hold up her hands and be so much fun. And then I would go over and she would always have the most beautiful dance.

When we had our son we put a waltz in his name.

When we had our son we put a waltz in his name.

And the kid is like, “Hey, what is a waltz?” We’re like, “Well, it’s just when the song gets going.” We always put it on in the car or on airplanes. And our son said he didn’t always use it. Some people had a waltz at their wedding, some people didn’t. Maybe not all the people, you know? I didn’t know that. Then I started going through the internet and there it was. He said “Dad, how come you were never taught about this dance?” I said, “It was just something they would do in New Orleans when I was a kid.” He said, “Oh, I was there.” And I had no idea.

My husband, who is Spanish-American, taught me about two years and now I sing in Carmen for the chorus in the choir where it’s called Carmen.

And then we added, “and I can dance it.” When I sing one of those songs, and I have that waltz. I’ll just say it, and a guy will run across

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