Can fabric be painted? – Spray Paint Artist New York

November 12, 2020 0 Comments

We’ll be using fabric as a building material. We would not need a custom paint. In most cases, it can be painted on a home-made paint can to match the overall interior appearance.

Can I paint on the furniture or rugs?
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You may paint on furniture or rugs provided they are in good condition. We have plenty of free wood pallets and planters available around the town. Please note: If wood is not in great condition, it will have to be returned to its original position (towards the window, not behind it) with all of its wood removed. This may take longer and take more money.

What about nails?

Nails are an excellent way to highlight the look and feel of your home – even without paint. If you’d like to cover your nails with a white canvas, then we can do that. Our cost is higher and not as flexible.

Can you use the carpet?

We recommend covering them with paint because they will not be a significant accent to the furniture, which is what will be covered. You can either place the carpet over the paint and use the white canvas, or use it as a base and cut out pieces that match your own taste. Both methods are possible and do not require a custom paint plan.

What about the rugs and carpet?

It is recommended you cover the rug or rug base with paint to give the appearance you intended. For the carpet, you should not use white canvas to cover it as it has been stained or is stained a different color. This is a paint that will fade and may not survive the cleaning process, and there is no guarantee you will get a new color.

We also recommend it if you have the option to use painted paper which is not expensive. If you are using the rug and carpet as they originally were to begin with, there is no need to cover them again. It will make the area look cleaner and nicer so you might as well.

Can you do something with that old furniture? Can we use it for my home office?

We can do something with most all pieces of furniture that have been on our property for many years. This includes computers, cell phone monitors, monitors, televisions, couches, chairs and more.

I am looking for new furniture that fits my space but I don’t know when it will be ready to install. Can you do it later?

There is no minimum

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