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August 11, 2020 0 Comments

How can I use my homemade nail polish?

In this series of posts, I am going to cover a variety of nail polish and paint applications. Today’s topic is paper and printing in general. I will start with a very simple nail art paper- I use my own homemade acrylic paint and print a few simple patterns out. The first technique will be to print out some patterns using a marker pen, then I will cover two more different paper and ink applications. Today is Part 2. (Note: I have an extra paper and Ink Kit lying around. You can make these yourself or use the ones you have lying around from your school supply store. It does not matter which you do.) The first image is the one I use that doesn’t require a ruler:

After that one you can see the other two things. You only need to trace over the ink on one of these patterns. Then you can draw over the other one if you want. You can add a few more layers of this paper to see which one works better. Now the two first and second options are going to be covered in detail. But don’t get hung up thinking that this is the only way, because if one of those works for you, you can always get a second pattern on these paper. For this series I am going to cover two different methods so you have some examples of how I approach this stuff.

Step #1 – Create your nail art paper
Pin on Fire and Blood Game of Thrones spray paint art

I have found that my “sugar” paper works very well for this application. I find that it doesn’t hurt to cut a piece of regular paper and use that for the pattern, just keep in mind that it only works for a certain number of rows so I have to work it down quite a bit and not add too many layers.

I can find this in my school supply stores. If you don’t have this type of paper, you can do it using the same paper with a marker pen or something a little better.

I started making my nail art paper by cutting out two strips one in the center of each corner, one on the back and one on the front:

I drew over the first one and then drew onto the next:

Then I drew over the pencil. This is the way all my nail art paper is made, no markings, no markers. It will have a lot of markings, I just keep it free flowing and free-hand.

This is actually a lot better than the pencil, even at

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