Can I spray paint paper? – Super Cool Spray Paint Art Paper

September 6, 2020 0 Comments

I did use a spray paint before but my family didn’t like it and I had to clean it up.

I don’t know if it was because I was spraying a bunch of water or if I have a little trouble keeping the paint in and not spilling. The water and the stain did a pretty good job cleaning it off. It’s not as much of a deal as it seems and that makes it a pretty good alternative to just rubbing it into the paper and then wiping it up.

As for the color, I’m happy I like the black one, but that’s just me. I like that it has this metallic finish instead of just a dull finish. I don’t mind it just having a metallic finish in general I just prefer it this way. I have had a few people ask me about adding an accent color to the red one either a red or yellow one because everyone does have a color they like better.

Started doing spray paint art a week ago. This is my ...
addition to this, I have an addendum with all the items and they are now up on the right side of the site!

The following items are available on my website for purchase as a set!

Tape Measure

Flat Cardboard Box

Pole (2) with a screw top and the screw down lid


Staple Gun (for attaching to the side of the cardboard box, or for attaching to a rod)

Bag (to use with the tape measure)

Small Screwdriver

Sharpie Marker

Tape Measure, Flat Cardboard Box, and Latch (two items)

Note: If you have never used a tape measure, you should go ahead and get one. You can buy one at Hobby Lobby or the hardware store. You can even use your hands but with the tape measure, it may be trickier. I also have a set with a screw bottom, but I don’t have the size or style to use it with the tape measure. To get your hands ready I recommend purchasing a set and having them cut a hole or two that fits the tape measure into the holes on the cardboard box.

Now that I have the tape and box measurements, it’s time to get some instructions for the tape measures so we can make them ourselves. I’ve found that using scissors on the tape measure is best, but they can be finicky around corners and can get in the way if using tape on the box, or if they are too big and break up

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