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How can I wash and wear my cloths?!

How do I wash my canvas clothing that I’ve painted with Rustoleum spray paint?

How do I do a water cleanup?

When should I spray the Rustoleum spray paint?

What is a Rustoleum spray paint wash?
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What is a rust remover shampoo?

Are cloths safe to iron?

What are washcloths and why should I use them?

You may be asking: “What are the risks of the Rustoleum spray paint and Rustoleum spray wash?” It is extremely important that you understand how these products can lead to serious health hazards and potential criminal charges, including criminal charges for the improper use of their products.

What are Rustoleum spray paint and Rustoleum spray wash?

What are the risks of using Rustoleum spray paint spray on cloths?

The purpose of Rustoleum spray paint (Rustoleum spray Paint) is to completely dry and paint fabrics including canvas and leather. Rustoleum spray paints can be used in the waterproofing industry for fabrics that are hard to dry, such as those which have to be washed after washing with a regular detergent.

Rustoleum spray paint is not considered a “dry cleaner.” That is it is not a waterless liquid and cannot be used for cleaning water based stains or cleaning water based stains, such as water, salt water or bleach stains.

The only time Rustoleum spray paint can safely be used in the water wash/drier industry is to paint clothing, upholstery/furniture or other non waterproofed goods that needs to be water cleaned.

The Rustoleum spray paint can cause a potential criminal exposure, because the color can be seen from the outside of the fabric if a stain is present.

It is extremely important to understand how this product can lead to criminal charges, because in addition to a potential criminal charge, the potential criminal charges have the potential to be increased damages and property damage. So in addition to criminal action for improper use of the product you have now a civil action for criminal or civil injury to persons or property.

What do I need to know about Rustoleum spray paint use and washcloths?

You will need to follow certain product guidelines for your particular project.


Before beginning, you must check with your employer about possible employee exposure. If you

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