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I don’t like spray paint, can I use Rustoleum spray on fabric? No! Rustoleum spray pours directly from the bottle. Once poured, the spray paint will spread over the fabric and will dry in approximately 4 months.

Warnings and Contraindications

What is the toxicity of rustoleum spray paint? There is no toxic level of rustoleum (non-toxic, not intended for ingestion).

What does rustoleum contain? The chemical composition of rustoleum:

3,4-Dimethylcathinone (DRC, 3,4-Dihydrocathinone), an alkaloid;

3,4-Dichlorotetrahydrobenzaldehyde, an anhydrous alkaloid;

Benzyl, ethylene, and propylene glycol, in trace amounts;

Isolation and processing requirements: The specific gravity and solvent content are regulated and established, and are determined by specific methods. However, in accordance with EPA/NSF Form 48, the product must be processed to a purity of at least 70% by volume in ethyl ethanol.

If rustoleum spray paint contains any other chemical and/or is mixed or applied to fabric, contact your local hazardous substances program agency and obtain a copy of your safety or hazardous substances permit prior to application.

Where do I find a permit for rustoleum spray painting in Oregon? The Oregon Hazardous Materials Management (PHM) Program is the state department of environment and mineral resources responsible for issuance of permits for the possession, transport, use, and disposal of hazardous materials. To learn more about the PHM Program, contact your local PHM program office.

Can I use Rustoleum spray paint on wood? Rustoleum spray paint will not stain wood, but can stain wood finishes if applied too deeply or with a very hot heat source. Please see Rustoleum product label for specific application instructions.

Will rustoleum spray paint damage or discolor fabric? The exact formula of Rustoleum spray paint may result in color alteration in the final garment and may discolor fabrics. In addition, it is important not to apply any product that is so thin that moisture can get to it and could adversely affect the fabric.

Where can I get more information about rustoleum spray painting? To get more information, call 1-800-764-3243 or visit the

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