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September 14, 2020 0 Comments

You’re absolutely right. Can you do it indoors? You’re absolutely right. If you want to do it outdoors it’s going to be a little bit more challenging because the wind’s going to start off blowing it into your tent.

In the past, I’ve been in the midst of some DIY projects. I’ve been doing a lot of landscape stuff, using my iPhone to do aerial surveys, landscape painting, creating artwork. And so what I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more into my personal life, I’m a little bit in the midst of something now with my son. My sons are the ones who I see at a lot of these events so I feel like they’re always in town. Now I’m doing a lot more of this, and my goal is to try and bring my photography to the outdoor environment a little bit more in order to give my kids as much of a hands on environment as possible because I get this sense of, like, ‘I’m in their world, but I’m still a dad and I still am here.’

If you have any more questions about photography and outdoor locations, shoot me an email. Just to give me some ideas for you.

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Trouble is lurking beneath the surface of the “war on Christmas,” the so-called “War on Christmas” of the last few years that has, at its root, been nothing more than a massive attempt by religious right groups to undermine, delegitimize and destroy secularism, all the while attacking the very concept of a Christian Christmas.

Last week we reported what we called “Christian-bashing in action” on the Religious Right’s website, The Daily Wire. The story explained that some people are making a “political game” out of the fight over Christmas, which has, in part, been over the use of secular language and symbols in “patriotic” holidays.

One of these efforts was a campaign to remove all secular displays from government buildings throughout the nation, the story said, including in the nation’s capital, where the U.S. Capitol was built and renamed in honor of the nation’s first Catholic President, George Washington. This attempt is, in part, related to the Supreme Court’s infamous Hobby Lobby decision, allowing business owners and faith-based nonprofits to avoid paying for contraceptives covered under the Affordable Care Act.

In a recent article titled, “Funny, Right-Wing Christians Believe In The Same Christmas That the Atheists Don’t

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