Does Rustoleum enamel need primer? – Pictures Of Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Meaning

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We use a primer like ProFlate on all of the products listed above, and we always recommend it. No more “pink” products.

Some have noted that the ProFlate primer can make the Enamel darker. Why is this the case?

That is an interesting question. It depends on how much of the product you add to the dishwasher in the first place – there’s no rule of thumb that says “I need one unit of ProFlate to make an ounce of Enamel” but it would seem that if you add too much of a product it will “brighten” an enamel. We have to be very careful though of excessive primer, in case you apply too much. The only concern we see with our ProFlate product is a potential sensitivity to it, given the risk of skin allergy if applied too thickly, so it’s best to use a moderate application.

Why would a painter use one type of paint and a very light primer?

We use only our ProFlate paint on our products and always recommend it, especially for all surfaces, especially to anyone without fine motor skills. Our products also have been rigorously tested on a large scale, as well as to ensure a consistent consistency.

What does the bottle of paint contain?

When we are using our paint, the base ingredients are ProFlate, Tritan, Titanium Dioxide, and Red No. 40. The finish ingredients are red food colouring, acrylic paint, a little colorant, and a generous amount of water (enough for the base and finish ingredients to blend without clumping or lumps). As an aside, in our experience many consumers do prefer this finish over our regular enamel. (But then again, why is our paint always a little more delicate and slightly glossier than most? 🙂 )

Can I paint my window with paint without removing the paint?

It’s not very easy to paint without the paint – we’re not talking about spraying it onto the entire window. Many window manufacturers actually recommend using paint on the top of the window in place of our glass paint.

Why is a red, non-flawless finish the most expensive option in the window industry?

In general, it’s not.

For a great review of our enamel colors, check out our color page.

Some people say that they prefer our enamel in combination with a glossy finish because it feels more substantial

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