How do you make cool spray paint art? – Planet Stencils Spray Paint Art Techniques

October 31, 2020 0 Comments

Well, first, you don’t paint. Not to mention, the spray paint has to be dry before you can even start. Then you have to buy the best equipment and the best paint. All of that can take you months in the pursuit of perfection. In the end, you have a piece of art that you will never be able to replicate!

The paint that I used was called DWR, a clear coat with a stripper. I know, I know you’ve heard that before, but it’s important to go over it again. The idea with DWR is that it helps maintain the gloss of the paint. This is a bit different than spray paint that is made up of various paints:

DWR is a thin layer of paint that will work fine in most applications. The problem is it can dull paint as soon as you let it air dry:

So, if you’re just using it for your original artwork, you wouldn’t want to paint directly on the surface and let it dry there and then.

I’m going to go over my own process of how I started my stencil. In case you didn’t remember, I start by painting over a piece of white paper (I’m using the white paper that’s already attached to the stencil to create an edge), then I use a pencil to outline a pattern around the paper’s edge.

Then I use an orange marker to erase the outline of the stencil.

Then I erase the orange marker. If you can’t see what I’m doing, it’s just a tiny pen mark, but it looks like something I would need if I wanted to add an outline around a piece of white paper.

When the stencil is done, I take a sharpie and ink it on top:

Then I apply the stencil. This is actually not much more complicated than using a stencil, except I paint with acrylics so I have a smooth surface.

Here’s why I do this — you need to add an outline around a painting, then the paint will come right up to the edge of the painting. This means I need to have a smooth base for the paint to come up on.

I then set up the stencil with the outline of the piece of wood. If you’re working on a wooden block, I recommend starting with a smooth area and then you’ll find the perfect spot for the stencil later with more effort. Here’s a few great tutorials on what

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