How do you make cool spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Book

September 23, 2020 0 Comments

Like most self-taught crafty artists, you start with a pile of supplies and use them in a mix to make the final result. Sometimes it turns out you want something more, and more you add to your kits you can end up getting something completely different!

Let’s take a look at some of the things I’ve learned:

You can’t mix a good spray paint set up to be creative. The best parts are all in the spray can.

There will never be anything for everyone. You need to get creative on your own.

The most effective method for making your own paints is combining your favorite supplies from the kit into one.

Some of the things I’ve tried and found to be my best projects are

Bubbling paint. This is a great way to add color and pop to any project. You can purchase the paint at your local craft store.

Liquid acrylic, spray paint or spray fabric paint. These are easy to buy at most grocery stores, and do not come in large bags.

Mixing up a batch of water paint. If you are not going to be using a paint that is made from water, then you can make your own version. You will either want to use a solution of water and water-based paint to create the color from a bottle or just use water as a paint medium.

The first step in starting from scratch is to determine what you need!

My next few tutorials are very general and contain very little knowledge beyond basic supplies and some basic knowledge of the subject.

Here are a few suggestions on some of the first projects you can start with today:

Make a giant pot

Make a giant bowl

Make a pail.

Add the elements.

Fill up that big bowl with something colorful!

Make a spray paint vat. You may need to buy some supplies at your local store.

Mixup a batch of paint! Make an easy batch, or perhaps buy more paints.

Make a giant water fountain

Use that paint you made to paint some wall space

Make a garden wall

Add some food to your spray paint vat

Paint a tree trunk

Paint a tree!

Put up some trees in your area! The possibilities are endless!

Doodle in this paint! Use that spray paint to decorate your walls.

Toss some spray paint

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