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Find out by reading the full article by visiting “S.I.L.P.E.R.T.” by Ryan C. Youngs and J.E.H.B. Youngs.

In case you haven’t been following my life-changing blog, here’s a recap: I recently began developing a new health technology product to solve an intractable health care issue: preventing death in children after birth.

My goal is to create and deliver an effective solution to our country’s most important health care issue — the lack of effective prevention in low-income and minority communities.

Here’s who is on board:

A large network of major healthcare leaders, including some of the biggest names in America (e.g., the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; The MacArthur Foundation; The Center for Disease Control; The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission; The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention); many of the nation’s most renowned pediatricians and public health experts; leading national and international organizations and policy experts; and other top researchers in my field, including my wife, Dr. Barbara Siff and Dr. Ann McKee, who have all shared the promise of an important new medical treatment.

One simple question: how can we address the lack of effective prevention in low-income and minority communities?

If you look at health care, what you see is that we’re still failing to provide safe, healthy, effective prevention in minority communities — and we’re failing to address this problem by, for one reason or another, denying, delaying, and underfunding research, intervention, prevention, treatment, or other solutions to its underlying root causes (especially, the fact that the rates of disease-specific infant mortality in low-income communities far exceed the rates of disease-specific infant and child mortality in similar communities). We, the experts, have been trying to solve this problem for decades. But here’s the truth — we need to do it again!

It’s time for a new strategy. And this new strategy — which we call “the new paradigm” — requires some radical changes to the way our healthcare system works.

For example, we need to fundamentally re-think our role in the healthcare industry, making the whole system smarter; we need to stop trying to create and deliver effective, innovative solutions; we need to put the power and ability to change the system, including the power and ability to make significant funding, resources, or leadership investments in the

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