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You know, I don’t think that we can really comment on that because we have more graffiti on our street and things like that, and we are not going to comment on it. That’s what we think is happening,” he said. “It happens everywhere.”

Sgt. Greg McAllister, with the Seattle Police Department, said that although the incidents weren’t linked, the cases might not be unique.

“Sometimes you have street graffiti and sometimes you don’t,” McAllister said, laughing. He said it was an example of a case that was “distraught,” but that it’s easy to keep the public quiet about any type of crime.

As far as he could determine, he said, there have been nearly 200 cases of criminal graffiti reported to the police in the county this year.
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In a statement issued Thursday, city council member Nick Licata said the city was reviewing its policies regarding enforcement of graffiti laws, the use of force and the public’s right to privacy. He said in the meantime, he planned to seek support for a motion at city council’s next meeting to amend police and council rules regarding public graffiti.

But McAllister also said the city was committed to its public education efforts, including a $400,000 investment in new community-based graffiti-waste-detection systems.

It was not clear if the council member’s motion would affect the city’s decision on implementing the $12.5 million federal grant to fix up and renovate the city’s trash containers.

McAllister said the city would also seek to hire a professional to train and certify patrol officers on the new technology.

Meanwhile, the city is still searching for a contractor to install the technology at public sites, McAllister said. The plan is to have the new tags installed by June 1.

The Seattle Times reported last month that the city would seek to replace street scrawls with the new tags by August, so crews could begin installing them on a rolling basis.

The tag is designed to be placed in the public right-of-way when it’s not being used, McAllister said.

The city recently started replacing the tags on city-owned street trees, which cost $400,000 to install.

That project is still under way, and the city will continue to follow all applicable laws, he said.

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