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August 14, 2020 0 Comments

How many coats do you need to paint a line? A lot and how do you keep it in check? The answer to all of those questions is: it depends. For the most part, you won’t be using more than 4 coats of paint on a line and it’s easier to get in and do it right the first time than it is to do it wrong and risk cracking the piece. So, after using the right tools and techniques, it’s important that you use a little patience to build up a line to look good.

The good news is that the process may look a lot like a typical spray paint job, but the art of fine line painting is more about technique and skill and you can learn it over time by studying how others do it.

It helps that you learn how to keep your line smooth and smooth as a mouse (a little more on that later) but to get into fine line painting a little more fully, you’ll want to brush some of those fine lines off your image using your brush. The first step is to lay the image on a clean surface and get your brush wet.
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Next brush off all those lines you don’t want to keep and then apply these new lines. It’s important to make sure you don’t apply too many, because the layer of wet paint tends to get thin, and it doesn’t take long to take off again.

I use a large soft eraser, but sometimes the image can just seem too big to get across, so you’ll get away with smaller erasers. For the more detailed lines, sometimes you’ll get away with a single eraser, or a few. If you use lots of erasers, try to lay them carefully in a “v” shape pattern.

It’s also important to brush off the edges of your canvas. If you don’t, you will find that you get lines that don’t stick and can even get into the picture. This is okay, and you will get used to it, but some of it can get in the way of painting the lines down.

Finally, it is always helpful to add a little extra glue, for better adhesion to the line and maybe better painting later. The key here is to use a thinner and stick to it as much as possible. You might even want to put a little of both on the image at once and try it.

You’ll want to avoid the layer of paint getting wet again and just start filling off the lines with your

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