How long does it take to get good at graffiti? – Las Vegas Street Spray Paint Art Sunset

November 28, 2020 0 Comments

I have always used to say to people: “it really makes you think”. I have learned, so, too, that it does not take as long to get good at graffiti as I thought. I think it took me 8 months to get good at it! But still it is not long, it is not a race!

It was a hard thing because I had to deal with all the people who saw that and said: “You got good at it” … and we are not just any other art artists. Even today people say: “why do you do this?”.

But then there was a person that told me: “it is an art form, it makes us better people, you just do it.” He was right, I think it made my life worth doing.

How much of graffiti is done with spray paint?

One of the best things about graffiti!

No more spray paint! We have used a lot of different types of spray paint. A lot different things!

So much more than other art can be done with the spray paint now, but I still prefer to use a watermark that is on the wall and has a real message behind it; I’m not doing graffiti on walls to do some big message on them.

But then, to do it on a piece of cardboard has been really fun for me now.

How long do you spend on a piece?

I do two pieces in a day. In order of importance: first, to paint it good, second and last, to do the watermark I do, and lastly to paint it clean! I paint them in about 3 minutes.

Acoustic Guitar spray paint art-plastic wrap-scriptliner ...
How does painting this paint on an old building compare to painting someone else’s graffiti.

It does not happen that fast. The first two days are really important, and the last two days are not so important because you get to see your style, and see people.

But for the walls that you paint, it will happen more quickly.

In order for it to happen, someone needs to like your graffiti and to give it a certain feeling. That’s why it is important of me.

Is this a job for professional “graffiti painters”?

I want to think that I am just another person like anyone else. At the end of the day I think I am just another street artist, and to me it really not.

My work is not professional. I work

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