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Well, depending on the style and complexity of a project, that can vary from weeks to months.

What’s the average time to become proficient in graffiti?

While a lot depends on the skill and experience of the student, an average takes 10-12 months, but it usually depends on the student’s motivation, interest and time commitment with it. If you want to be on the fast track of graffiti, you may get started from the very beginning of your college career right up until your graduation.

Do students who become certified have to keep drawing?

No, but it does depend on your level of expertise. Students that do not have an artistic background, usually have an easier time of it learning from an existing graffiti artist since they can see the process and the art form better – this works out much better when you have to build a style and build your identity on top of it.

How much do teachers have at their disposal to help?

Most graffiti instructors, including me, have a wealth of resources that include instructional materials such as stencils, drawings, maps, references and photos. Of course, there are the more creative and hard-core students who can handle the extra homework alone since they already have years of experience doing it, but anyone that has been through the graffiti training system knows how much resources you’ll need – there is no easy way for you to learn this type of art form. Also, there are many students that don’t have the time to devote to the process to learn how to learn this art form from scratch.

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What kind of resources are offered?

There are several types of resources, each with benefits and drawbacks. One resource is the book A Beginner’s Guide to Graffiti Cartography by Eric Fels. It’s a fun read and has everything you will need to know to begin learning the fundamentals of graffiti. It makes use of a number of graffiti cartography techniques including the map method and has a number of resources for students to learn. The second resource is the “Guide to Graffiti Stenciling: An Introduction” by Rick M. Brown. In this book, he’s also given the information needed to apply stencils to a style. As of this writing, it is a self-published book that is not available for purchase. There’s also a few online resources for graffiti beginners:

What are some of the greatest resources of all for beginning new graff writers?

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