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November 29, 2020 0 Comments

A couple of coats; and a good foundation to begin with.  I chose to start with the base coat as I like to add things just before painting.  Then I added the decals and just about everything else; and then I applied the clear topcoat and sealed the whole thing.
The first coat of paint and I was ready for the second and fourth coats to be applied!  The spray paints are quite a bit to apply individually.  They need to be spread in layers and I also have a little bit of difficulty with some of them getting on the edges of the edges of the panels.  In addition to getting the paint spread evenly onto the front and back panels they need to be sprayed down on the sides just a little on the sides of the panels to make them look like their own little worlds.
The edges of each panel, from the back up
The first two coats for me required an even coat of color to cover the surface.  I think that this is a pretty good result though; especially in comparison with our very basic (and quite successful) base model!  I think that the clear topcoat added a nice touch.
I think I was pretty lucky in that there were plenty of tiny scratches that I did not actually get to remove from the panels before applying the clear coat.
Finally the surface was coated with a second layer of clear topcoat!
This time, I used the same layer of spray paint on all panels (and they were all very similar from the outside) using the same application method as on the first layer and a few coats of clear topcoat.  After being thoroughly mixed I applied with a damp brush all over the surfaces then the clear topcoat.
I really like this painting technique; it was a lot easier and the paint used was much more consistent.  The two sides of the front had already begun to get a bit faded and I noticed it to be more difficult to remove the fading from the other front sides.  I thought that this would be perfect for us because the fading on the other sides would get a stronger look from just the primer.  I also had to repeat the surface application of the clear topcoat and seal with a very thin layer of sealer that I also coated all over with clear topcoat.
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The fourth and final coat of clear topcoat (the one that was applied over the whole surface) was done with the first brush stroke of the paint.  If the first coat came off in small flakes I removed them with a

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