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There are some basic things you need to plan on when you are planning on painting. Here they are.

How many layers?
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The most important rule for planning spray paint is to plan on using as few sections, as you need to cover your board, as possible.

You will be using three layers of the four to six ounce acrylic paint you use for wall murals.

The top layer is a top coat. The second layer is a coat of top coat primer. The final layer is a top coat of two coats of the spray paint to seal and seal the surface well to prevent scratches or dents.

When deciding how many sections to use, I usually start with just a few, then use the spray paint to cover and set the walls for that section, and then move up to the final coat.

How long should the spray painting last ?

Do not put on more layers than you need to cover your entire wall. The spray paint dries quickly, so it is best to cover once.

How much should you get?

Don’t forget to measure how much paint you are going to use and how long it will take for the wall to be finished.

A 3/4 inch hole will cost around $2-$3 for a 5/8 inch opening. Using the spray paint, your finish will cost around $40-$60.

If you need to use paint for more than one application, it is best to buy the quantity of spray paint you need.

If you plan to install a series of boards, you are going to pay for multiple boards. The cheapest option will be to purchase two pieces of 3/4 inch plywood and use one to cover both the inner and outer edges of the board. Using 2/4 inch plywood will cost you around $40. Using two pieces of 2/4 inch plywood will cost you about $150. That equates to three sections and two separate covers.

You will need to pay more for more coats if you want to add finishing or painting. For two coats of 3/4 inch plywood, you can pay over $600. I would recommend using two sets of double sided tape to secure both sides and cover every single joint.

What about your wall?

There are no hard and fast rules for how to paint your walls, but there are lots of things people should consider.

Do you have drywall?


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