How much will one can of spray paint cover? – Spray Paint Art Video Youtube Spider-Man 3

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The price of most spray cans is from $3 to $5. To get the same price you need at least 2 1/2 to 3 feet of 1/2 inch plywood, and you need the appropriate tools. I would suggest spray painting with a good paintbrush, and paint a layer of red. You can paint the red paint to match the exterior. This does not mean you can’t get your other colors on (they are not limited), but you should make sure they fit in with the Red Paint Paint Style you want to choose. Here is a link to a list of a few colors.

There are even more types of spray paint available. Most of them require the same methods and the correct tools. A few popular brands are:





Mountain Express



I like the Krupp Krieger, a little cheaper, and I buy mine in bulk. They are available at the Walmart.

I use them all the time.

What’s a good way to spray paint a floor?

For this I think it is very similar to how you would paint a wall. It is important to know what you want to have paint on the surfaces of your home. Then, you can decide how wide and small you want it to be and how long.

A good rule of thumb is one piece of plywood per 2 feet.

How long would I cover a room?

My first rule of thumb is about 40 square feet of floor and walls.

I have an old house so I had to make a little extra walls to fill space.

My floor plans below

How much can paint cover?

I use paint to paint my interior walls, not my floors. When I paint I use about ¼ to ½ inch of paint. Most people spray paint 1 inch or less. So for an interior, you would spray paint 40 square feet of floor.

What about doorways and ceilings?

When I paint, I only cover the walls that go to the doorways and ceilings. I don’t want my doors to look rough.

I do this about 45 degrees out of 45. If I make an effort to try to protect them from the sun and weather then I don’t use all of the paint.

What is important is that you take care of

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