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November 16, 2020 0 Comments

It depends where you live. Krylon vs Rustoleum (also called Krylon Ultra and Rustoleum Ultra) are two different brands, but the brands are essentially the same product. Some people have found that the Krylon ultra powder (which is non-comedogenic) works really well for them and does not create a sticky residue that can lead to acne breakouts. But because Rustoleum only uses the finest, most advanced, and highly concentrated ingredients, this may not always be the case.

I have one of the most irritating acne breakouts that has not cleared up, even with a different prescription medication. When it does clear up, I will continue to use the Krylon powder. I would not recommend it to anyone else because it is not recommended for anyone who has an allergy to krylon.

One of my friends who had a similar issue had an allergic reaction after using one of their other prescription drugs when doing his regular skincare routine, so Krylon definitely does work for acne.

It is best to not use Krylon for acne prevention (unless you have used a very specific acne drug such as the Cyproterone gel)

(unless you have used a very specific acne drug such as the Cyproterone gel) It makes acne worse in a variety of other settings

It washes off with water

It increases breakout probability (see other info below)

There is little research on Krylon specifically for acne

(see other info below) It has no effect on the levels of sebum

It is NOT approved in the USA

It does not contain ingredients that are FDA approved for that specific product

In a recent thread on one of the skincare forums, someone commented that Krylon is better in their opinion than mineral oil. What you may not know is that mineral oil is a very strong acne trigger, but as a result of this, it’s more prevalent in the acne population and is not widely known. Krylon is an oil that is used to control the breakout that can come along with a more active skin condition.

When people use krylon, they don’t know if they will develop an allergic reaction or if it will work as intended. This is why I use mineral oil for many of my oil free skincare products. It also doesn’t have to be mineral oil, as many skin types do not have acne or breakouts related to oil or they would already benefit from

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