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We sell liquid and dry pigment based paints (including liquitex.

If you are looking for acrylic paint, try our Liquitex spray paint acrylic. It is used by professional painters for commercial and artistic projects. It has a fast drying times of 100 hours.

If you are looking for liquid paint, try our Liquitex liquid paint. It has a fast drying times of 1,000 hours (in a cool place).

(in a cool place). Liquid paint is not compatible with liquid acrylics since it has a slower drying time.

From Terraria Wiki

The Stinger is one of the many weapons in Terraria. It cannot be created. It is typically obtained as a reward for defeating a Hardmode boss.

Mechanics [ edit | edit source ]

When a Stinger is used to stun enemies, the effect on the enemies is delayed. This means that all enemies will be able to perform normal attacks before the Stinger stuns them.

While stunned, players may perform melee attacks or jump. If a player’s Melee Attack is successful, the stunned enemy is hit by a projectile and takes damage. The Stinger’s stun can only deal 10-20% damage, and should not be relied upon by melee characters, as it only stuns enemies for 1-2 seconds unless they are above 15% health or below 10% life. The stun can also be stopped by moving out of the Stinger’s reach, being hit or running. While the Stinger’s stun can be stopped by using a potion, the duration of the stun is not reset by the drink.

Once the Stinger is used to stun the enemy, it will remain stunned for the next 1-2 seconds (depending on the amount of stunned enemies). After the stun is over, the Stinger will fire a shockwave in a circle around the stunned enemy, dealing high damage. The shockwave also causes the stunned enemy to become immune to stun for 1-2 Seconds.

It is effective as an alternative melee weapon to the Mace and Boomerang as long as the player has sufficient melee to do so. It has a shorter range as compared to that of Boomerang or Mace. It deals 4.3% less damage and takes 10 seconds instead of 20 – a much smaller difference.
Spray Paint Art: Tree and Sun: ASMR? - YouTube

The Stinger does not instantly knock back enemies; enemies that the Stinger hits while stunned will take damage rather than being stunned. In the official

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