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Are you looking for something to fill that void and get you off the couch?

The answer is: You don’t know.

No, no need to have the cure-all. You could be missing something in your daily routine. I’m trying to take that away, for the record.

You’re also most likely thinking, “oh, what’s wrong with rustoleum?”

This is the most common question, and I don’t think it has a good answer.

Rustoleum as Primer

Why? Because it works.

People often ask me, “Why isn’t there just rustoleum on the floor?”

Why is it not rustoleum? Because it’s a primer.
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I can tell you that it can be applied into anything. It’s as strong as any regular non-rusting stain. It’s as easy to use as anything else. The only limitation is that it can get into the walls. That’s not a problem in all cases — people say it doesn’t work for furniture in the house.

And, yes, it is very useful when done well. If you want to make a simple molding job, you can just put a piece of rustoleum on any flat surface, such as that old floor or that worn-out chair. You don’t need much of it. It won’t take much.

And you can also use it on ceilings, wall-to-wall. It doesn’t look like much when it’s on the wall, but it is absolutely essential.

It’s true that rustoleum isn’t really a thing yet — it was created in 1912. Its original purpose was molding and other interior decorating.

But the thing about it is that it works on virtually any surface it is applied to. I think of it as a primer. The idea of it was to have a regular regular old stain that would keep stain spots from spreading. But, now it exists, and many people use it as a primer. It is like a white primer and a black primer blended together. When you apply it in large quantities, it makes wall-to-wall molding, in a way. It gets into walls, and the rustoleum really does keep the stain spot areas from spreading.

This is where it truly comes to life. It is a one-two punch. It’s like a white primer, and it’s like a black primer.

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