Is rustoleum good for spray paint art? – Black And White Spray Paint Art For Beginners

September 3, 2020 0 Comments

The simple answer to this is NO. But the real answer is not. I am really sad about this. It was an easy problem to solve since rustoleum spray paint is non toxic and safe to paint.

And the other side of the coin is that spray paint can be difficult to get right. Spray paint is messy (especially the sand paper kind) and it is only the very, very, very best that you can get. It can be very difficult to control your paint spray. (Especially when the person who has the spray paint can has a hand made gun which is made in two pieces). On top of the messy part – it can be fun. My first year of paintball, I painted myself with rustoleum spray paint.

This year, I am going to spray paint my own truck, and I will also take some of my spray paint skills to the paintball field. I will start with the basic rustoleum spray paint process of hand washing and buffing. Once I have the right paint and spray settings I will spray the paint with a spray gun at close contact to where the paint is being applied. So as I brush paint from the gun to the paint, the spray gun is at the same contact as the brush and not moving with paint. Then I apply the paint, the spray gun on the paint is still on a brush where the spray gun is not as close and I use my hands to apply the paint, using the spray gun on the paint where the spray gun is still on the paint.

This is the simple process. The key is controlling the brush pressure correctly while removing and buffing any dirt, grit, or air bubbles that I do not want to be there. The first time that I was painting my own truck a couple of months ago, I thought I had done everything correctly, but all I did was paint too much, and not enough clean water, and paint was not dry enough. I will have to spray paint for this next event. I’ll see what is going to happen during the next two weeks.

For now though, I still love rustoleum and plan to keep spraying it.
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