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It’s been proven time and time again that Rustoleum paint does not keep water out. For this reason, we do not recommend anyone paint Rustoleum windows in areas where temperatures exceed 80° F. In fact, when using Rustoleum in areas that are not too hot, you should always use a UV-B-protective sealer such as Rustoleum Clear Coat, which will block 99% of ultraviolet rays reaching the inside surface when painted.

Will the Rustoleum finish make my floor shine?

While they do not claim to be waterproof, the Rustoleum Finish line certainly does increase the shine of your floor. The finish does not actually waterproof the finish, which is why it should be applied to a surface that is not particularly wet.

Is the Rustoleum line safe for children to paint?

Absolutely not! Kids and young adults shouldn’t paint with the Rustoleum line. To keep that from happening, we recommend avoiding the Rustoleum line in areas that have a significant dust or particulate matter problem – such as dust-based carpets, shower curtains, and dust-filled areas.

Is the Rustoleum paint safe for use in indoor plumbing systems?

Yes, though caution is certainly advised. Rustoleum paint is not intended for use with plumbing systems, which may contain asbestos, lead, or other toxic chemicals, and should never be used along with those hazards.

Do you recommend the Rustoleum line?

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