Is Rustoleum paint waterproof? – Spray Paint Art Kit

October 5, 2020 0 Comments

No, it has been used in industrial and automotive applications for over thirty-eight years and is not water based at all. As with most sealer, the color is fully reversible once cured. Rustoleum paint cannot be painted on to a metal surface and it has not been documented as being waterproof. All Rustoleum paints are sold in bottles.

Is Rustoleum resistant to UV damage? This is not a myth, since the paints are completely water soluble.

Is Rustoleum durable? Not true. Rustoleum is rated between 50 and 75 years based upon testing done by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the Australian Defence Force who evaluated these formulas in conjunction with extensive field experimentation. It is true, however, that using water soluble paint does add a slight color to the paint which can cause some concern if painting sensitive materials such as jewelry or leather.

I have a Rustoleum coating on my vehicle with rust that doesn’t seem to go away. Why is this happening? These formulations are not designed to do well in sunlight or high humidity environments. They are designed to remain water soluble. However, because of the fact that rust is such a common environmental problem these formulas are being used on more vehicles than ever before in our industry. Rust protection is generally a compromise between quality and color. We will not paint anything, except on a leather car, that would come within two-three inches of our own skin. Our formula provides maximum protection with minimal color. If you have a stain or swirl you can remove it with a very basic polish. Otherwise we recommend our rust spray which will be in the box with every Rustoleum product.

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