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How long should I wash my paints? You can wash or wait until dry by either applying a few coats of the top coat or a few thin coats or by using your fingers or a thin film of varnish.
Airbrushing Tips From The World Of Spray Paint Art ...

Is my paint all wet? You’ll want to get it dry because you don’t want to create more air bubbles inside.

How do I wash an airbrushed part? Wash the airbrushing by wiping off the excess paint using a sponge and a soft bristled brush (as a general rule) or with a wet cloth or a dry cloth. Make sure to give it time to dry so that the varnish can stick. If you have a really hard, fine brush, you’ll be able to do everything you’ve washed with it after the varnish has dried.

What if I don’t like it? You can do some work yourself to clean and paint over the varnish. The only good airbrush varnish comes from paint brushes, however airbrush varnish will always be slightly off unless you use a very hard brush and really brush to get it right and then let the varnish dry.

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