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Does anyone here care how they paint their house? Just be aware that you are destroying all the good things that you want to paint and will probably pay a premium for something you can do yourself.

If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry. This is the quickest way to send money to Turkey. All you need to do is download a money transfer app from iTunes (and its iOS cousin, Google Wallet), find an airline, hotel, or other travel service to which you have reservations, and simply enter your card details to send your euros. (You have to make sure you know your card details, though — as a precaution, you can’t send cash from your card to a new card without doing so first.)

If you’re visiting Turkey or staying in one of the country’s 30,000 hotels (which are all listed online), it shouldn’t take a lot of time. After a little research, I found that the average time it takes to transfer money from my laptop is about 45 seconds, and that once you’ve set up, it’s as simple as typing in the card details you’ve collected.

So, if you have your debit card, the process will actually only take about 6 seconds. I’ve included the iTunes links below, so you can try it out before you plan on going. Be aware that the iTunes link for TransferSwipe, a new and slightly faster version of this process, only works for Turkish banks and payment processing agencies that accept American Express and Visa credit cards via Apple’s AppStore.


TransferSwipe | (app

TransferSwipe | (app

TransferSwipe | (app


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends against vaccination with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. It also has recently found no links between the MMR vaccine and autism or other neurodevelopmental disabilities in children.

The AAP also believes that the link between the MMR vaccine and autism is unproven. It says, “It is important to remember that many parents of children on the MMR vaccine schedule may mistakenly believe that they need to be more proactive in selecting additional vaccines for their children. This practice can lead to unnecessary health care costs and delays in immunization because parents are delaying the initiation of additional vaccine schedule based on a belief that vaccination must follow the age-specific vaccination schedule.”

What other studies say

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