Is spray paint water based? – Easy Spray Paint Art

September 18, 2020 0 Comments

Yes, but in addition to the primer, we also offer top quality products for the job at a competitive price. We specialize in spray paint primer, primer/water based primer, and all other types of professional paint work.

What happens after primer has been applied?

The primer will last 2-3 months depending on how often it is sprayed, weather and humidity. If used properly the primer will provide the best possible protection. If you used too much primer the coat begins to peel, crack, and become brittle with no protection at all. This happens more often with the high humidity and the rain which causes the protective layer to peel away easier when it is wet. The water in the spray paint should be diluted a little so that you know when the primer is saturated.

Can a coat of primer and water work at the same time?

We can combine them.

Why is it such a pain to clean up?

When you first put primer on the paint, it gets caught in the fibers on the part it is applied to. The product in the base coat dries quickly so it is difficult to get any of the product off the paint, but after the primer is in place, it is much easier to clean up. When using a water based product, when you remove the sprayer, you must spray down all the loose hairs off the brush to help remove the product. If you use spray paint primer it is much easier to remove the product off the brush. It is difficult if not impossible to remove the product from the brush once it is not in the spray paint.

How do I clean my cans for my primer?

When buying spray paint primer, I would recommend that you buy a can that is 1 or 2 times the size of the part you are going to spray. If you don’t have a can with a large capacity, we will offer a small bottle for you to fill your can. These bottles come in different sizes so you have plenty of space. A larger bottle can be purchased in larger sizes for those cases in which a small one is too big.

Our professional spray paint can is made from a tough, long lasting, glass reinforced plastic which will withstand extreme conditions and the most intense application.

Our spray can is made of a durable material. It requires nothing more than the occasional wipe down with water and water-based primer (like our spray paint primer) to remove residue from the can. We offer the following sizes:


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