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What is the most effective way to bleach fabric? What are fabric wash rates? What is the best way to dye fabrics to restore them to color? (I don’t have any answers yet.)

I know that many of you are wondering how the fabric bleach works. This is from the book “Fabric Care by Dr. Martin Stadler.”

[T]he bleach formula has nothing to do with the dye process–instead, it uses hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite as its active agent. When the solution of bleach and water is applied to an open area of cloth, the bleach will remove the dye and prevent it from leaching into the surface of the fabric.

If you don’t use a bleach rinse after each service, you risk the fabric having a yellowish tinge when washing. To prevent this, always put your cleaning solution into the wash cycle with your dryer’s heat knob or your wash bucket.

Can you explain more about the dyeing process as well as the color of the finished garment?

Fashion is art, and the clothes that you have made can change the world. A very popular dye is called indigo or indian blue–I can’t think of another name that describes it. When the textile is dyed, it’s called a “colored thread,” which is the technical term for a kind of cotton yarn. The fabric is pulled over a rod or skein of cotton. When the fabric is pulled too tightly, the fibers break open, and the color will begin to appear. Sometimes the color will spread into the fabric on its own, but this tends to fade over time. If a finished cloth turns blue, it’s probably not because of an indigo or indian dye.

Where should I find more info on my favorite fabric?

You might find it through online sales at stores like Forever 21, Michael Kors, and the like. Also, please refer to Dr. Stadler’s book. You’ll get some great info on stains, dyes, and fabric cleaning.

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