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Graffiti is not limited to just the street. It is usually associated with graffiti when seen in a street setting since graffiti artists tend to create the most intricate patterns on the side of houses, the side of buildings and outside of buildings.

If you thought that the “Big Bang” Theory was the pinnacle of pop culture, then look away: The folks at Cartoon Network’s Archer have given us a glimpse of the future.

“We wanted to show a future where it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain.”

Last night the third season began with a bang by introducing “The Weather Man,” a malevolent Weather Wizard who claims to be able to alter the weather. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, much less how to stop the rains.

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The good news is that after his initial success, he promptly gets replaced by a woman. Then a year later, when he can’t keep up with the weather, he tries to do what his “snowman” friend had done: “Dump her out of the plane, right into the snow.” (Though the snowman might want to consider himself an expert on “weather.”)

In what might be the first ever “Real” weather-changing animated TV show? The CW Network, with an all new show titled Archer. After the Season Two preview had already introduced the animated team on the show’s website, I found myself waiting in anticipation for the Season Three premiere of Archer, which appears to be exactly like this season’s.

And I’m not the only one who’s excited to see what the new season looks like, because Archer has already been renewed for the 2013-2014 TV season. So there’s your preview: A Weather Wizard going from bad to worse. And of course, for those concerned with the quality of weather-changing animated shows, look no further than last weeks episode in which the Weather Wizard tried his absolute best to take a chunk of New Hampshire. As a result, Archer is getting an official “Good” grade on its animated rating.

To mark the launch of this new season, Archer creator Adam Reed gave a special interview to The Wrap’s Michael Ausiello. In the full transcript of that interview, you will find the first appearance of Archer in a very “good” manner, that of the Weather Wizard:

Michael Ausiello: First off, are you excited about this new season’s premiere? Adam Reed: I am. I think it’s kind

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