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The majority use spray paints, stickers, tags, and tags

Some graffiti artists use stencils

Some taggers use a variety of designs, with some using a combination of stencils and paint

The top 10 graffiti taggers

These artists are the most popular graffiti taggers in the world today

1. Jurgen Wunderl

Born: October 30, 1970 in Stuttgart, Germany

The young criminal came into the scene in 1999 with one of his first sketches

His work has been featured in newspapers all over the world

His stencils have been reproduced and reproduced by other graffiti artists

Gaining a huge amount of notoriety for his stencils and stencil-inspired tags

He now produces his graffiti artwork on a daily basis

2. Vítor Águstítă

Born: April 23, 1967

Died: October 24, 2001

Vítor Águstítă was one of the founding members of the tag Gangtag

The criminal was responsible for the development of the current scene in Romania, which has a lot of the same characteristics as graffiti (it’s hard to say which ones would be considered ‘graffiti’)

His work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world and his name has become synonymous with the graffiti scene

He used to use a wide variety of designs and styles of tags, including stencils

His new works have all been based on his tattoo designs, and have become internationally famous – and thus hugely popular – since his passing

3. Ángel Marit

Born: July 25, 1981 in Córdoba, Spain

The current leader of the world’s largest graffiti tag organization in Spain, Marit is also the creator and owner of T-A-R-A-K-E

With more than 250 worldwide tags to his name, he is one of the founders of graffiti graffiti in Spain and also holds numerous international graffiti tag championships

With his large collection of tags and stencils, he makes more of the same designs over and over again

File:FREE TIBET -- Boycott China -- spray paint stencil on a wall ...
He has been working with various styles of tags since the 90s – from the ‘glamour’ and ‘ghetto’ to the more modern tags and the tagger style of the day

His tags, like his stencils, are everywhere on walls and buildings all

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