What is gesso spray? – Cool And Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Book

October 26, 2020 0 Comments

Gesso spray is an anti-perspirant that you apply to your vagina for a few days to help prevent pregnancy. I like to use an applicator and use a light, circular motion.

I use a small amount every few days and I also apply a small amount to each dry spot on my vulva. I also apply this to the areas near my navel, pubic area, and nipples every two weeks. In the middle of the day, I place my thumb and forefinger to the side of my vulva just above my vaginal opening, then rub the spray into the area.

I use a large amount at night. I wake up in the middle of the night and let the spray do its work!

Sometimes I put more than I need in my vagina before bedtime. I’ll rub a tiny amount onto an empty tampon applicator and then wipe it with a tissues. My husband has been doing this as well! I find this helps relieve some of the pain in my hips.

Do you use gesso spray alone? Or, do you mix it in with other products?

No. The gesso spray that I use alone is usually too drying on my vagina – it also burns. I use gesso spray with the products I recommended above. Some vaginal products are good on gesso, but you can’t just put this on your vulva and expect it to be a cure all. My husband has found that a lot of the products I use work best in conjunction with the gesso spray and the products I recommend below. He says I keep the gesso in a small glass bottle so that it remains moist. We never use more than 5-10ml so that it doesn’t dry out too much. For vaginal lubricants, he also prefers VixSkin lubricant and lube. I’ve also found that it is okay to use a lubricant on gesso, provided that it’s not too rough or too irritating, and that it doesn’t clog the vagina or make it too uncomfortable.

Are gesso sprays for sale?

Yes. We have a variety of gesso sprays, which range in price from $3.49 to $16.92 for two drops. It’s available in bulk with the discount available to purchase as many or as few as you need. Some sprays are available in multiples (2 – 10). The most expensive is the

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