What is gesso spray? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial

August 22, 2020 0 Comments

“Gesso spray is made up of two ingredients – vegetable glycerine and an insecticide called bifenthrin. It’s used on garden and lawn crops such as broccoli, eggplant, carrots, cauliflower and radishes,” said Peter MacDougall, managing director of the Environmental Working Group, which provided the spraying equipment.

MacDougall said the company is able to obtain the ingredients through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as suppliers elsewhere.

“When you see one of the chemicals on the label, it’s usually some ingredient derived from petroleum. What we’re doing is using the herbicides and pesticides we can legally obtain.”

Insecticides are generally regulated under Section 437 of the U.S. Food Inspection Regulations.

Insecticides aren’t only found throughout the food plant, though. MacDougall pointed to bifenthrin in the food sector as another example of an additive commonly used in the U.S.

The insecticide – a synthetic analog of a natural insecticide – is known to kill certain insects without harming humans or other farm animals.

So why is it labeled that way?

“So, yes, people have been using it for decades without being aware of the possible side effects,” said MacDougall.

That’s a point echoed by Bill Schuster, senior director of regulatory affairs and policy at the Environmental Working Group. He said it’s been “well known” that insecticides can be dangerous even for people who don’t feed their livestock B.O.E.’s.

For Schuster, the most important question remains: Which label describes the ingredient’s intended use and which one is a false impression?

“There are a lot of different uses for a lot of different pesticides, but ‘B.O.E.’ is just the most common one,” Schuster said.

What consumers should consider

The Environmental Working Group recommends that everyone be aware of any insect spray, even if it says “not to eat” on its label, because there are no safe levels of the chemical.

“For people who really like the insect population and want to get rid of an enormous insect population, you’re probably right,” said MacDougall, “and for someone who just wants to get a good garden, you’re probably wrong.”

The EWG recommends that someone who purchases gesso spray buy its product as a spray product, rather than

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