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“Spray paint is a process of painting over, over, over again,” says Michael, a painter. It’s a process that Michael has mastered and is so good he was asked to paint the front page of the New York Sun Newspaper. “It’s amazing,” he says. “It’s not just about the paint color — it’s about the idea. It’s like a painting.”

Michael says, “I like the process. I am just like a sponge. It takes a lot of hours.” He takes a great big swab of paint, and with his teeth, scratches and smears paint onto the surface and then dries it off. “The first time I saw the art was when I was 10 years old and I think that was a very important thing for me when I started my career.”

Michael says he’s received a lot of criticism for the process and “it’s not fair. If I was really bad at it that’s not fair to someone who really worked hard to get these pieces to look good.”

Why is Michael so revered?

The art he produces reflects the personality of its creator. “He is a special individual and you need to get to know him,” says Michael. “There is nothing wrong with trying new things.” It is a process for him he enjoys, and he has an incredible level of artistic insight and insight into people.

“Some of the artist’s work is so good they are getting rejected from galleries. They get rejected by critics. So what I have done is make it into a piece of art and try to prove them wrong.”

Michael is a gifted painter and he explains: “When I make paintings I make them myself, and I go into any dark room and paint any kind of thing that I see. I get into a dark room and I am inspired. It is a really good feeling.”

He is also known for his work with children and has produced portraits of some of the brightest stars in the world. He loves painting children and says, “Most of them make me smile because they can’t see anything.”

He is known around the world for his work with kids because his paintings have been painted all over the world; they appear on hundreds of magazine covers. Michael’s portrait of President Kennedy was included in the book Art with a Child and has since been on bookshelves at Barnes & Noble.

He was awarded the National Medal of the Arts in 1993, the Order of Arts and

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