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Glaze is our standard paint format and the best for our applications since it blends well with nearly any paint finish. Krylon Fusion can be used to build a range of paint finishes such as white or acrylic, as well as a multitude of other finishes; including red, black, silver and gold.

Can I use Krylon Fusion as a stain?
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Yes. Krylon Fusion is easily used as a stain; we offer a number of colors and shades.

Can I use Krylon Fusion as a lacquer?

Lacquer is a type of color that is typically applied to a surface to provide a finish while retaining or reducing the possibility of surface imperfections during paint removal. The application of Krylon Fusion into a surface for a high stain strength and longevity is the most efficient and effective approach to our customers’ paint applications.

Can Krylon Fusion be used for glazes?

Yes. Krylon Fusion is available as a glaze paint and it can be used to build a wide variety of glazes. For example, you can use Fusion to create a fine gloss, or a very fine grain finish; any point for texture. Krylon Fusion glazes have a very high strength/hardness rating.

How do I apply Krylon Fusion to a surface?

To use Krylon Fusion as a spray paint, simply spray it on the surface, let it cure, then apply with a roller or brush.

We recommend that you do not spray or apply on a clean surface. Use a small amount of Krylon Fusion and allow it to harden completely on the surface (do not remove it after the initial hardening has occurred).

If you have a glossy finish, apply a second coat of a Krylon Fusion glaze to achieve maximum gloss.

If paint is going to be used on a painted surface, the Krylon Fusion will typically dry before painting. For a flat face, use a medium-hardener (such as Acetone) to speed the drying time of your Krylon Fusion.

For gloss finishes, use a fine spray or use a brush to apply a layer of a medium-medium hardener; it is up to you as to how much or little of your Krylon Fusion you need to apply. You may want to apply a few small layers of Fusion to get just the right gloss and gloss coverage.

Krylon Fusion can be a very effective medium

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