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Rustoleum spray paint is the same type of paint used by manufacturers of auto accessories. It is a non-toxic polymer with excellent drying and drying times. Rustoleum spray paint has a high gloss finish that can be achieved by a variety of color and style options. In an effort to ensure quality in our paint program, we have chosen only the highest quality paints designed to keep up with the demands of our customers. For over 30 years, we have been proud to offer a wide variety of color options, which are available in a wide variety of high quality grades.

What is a spray primer?

A spray primer can be a great way to give your paint a “finished” look without spraying the paint all over the place. The advantages to spray priming are: 1) It makes your paint more uniform and more durable, 2) It protects the paint from damage, and 3) You can use just a tiny amount to give each color you paint a perfect finish.

Rustoleum spray primer is a spray primer only. It has a high shine, it can be used to cover your paint without touching the paint. Rustoleum spray primer is a highly recommended product that is made only for Rustoleum paints.

What is a gloss finish?

A gloss finish is a glossy finish that is perfect for all different types of spray paint. Gloss paint also means that it will not show any yellowing or fading that you may normally see in other spray paint finishes.

The benefits to gloss paint are the same as for standard spray paint colors: It offers the perfect wear resistance as well as gloss. This means that when paint is placed on your vehicle without any paint primer, it has long lasting wear resistance.

To see additional information about all Rustoleum’s paint products, our customer service team will be pleased to answer any of your questions. Please call us at 800.862.2688 or email us at contact@rustoleum.com

What is rustoleum spray paint made out of?

It is made of a specially formulated formulation of highly durable non-toxic polymers, for durability in wet weather and long term waterproof conditions

Rustoleum spray paint contains no toxic and no phthalates.

It is a highly absorbent formula that can help to restore a smooth and clear finish

It resists the weather, water and sunlight

What are Rustoleum paints like in regards to weathering

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