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What are the different types of Rustoleum spray paint?

You can pick up Rustoleum spray paint online, in person, or at your local Rustoleum! Rustoleum is one of the largest paint suppliers of paint and stain for automotive, marine, agriculture, household, and industrial applications. You can find the highest quality Rustoleum stain and paint at the lowest cost at any Rustoleum store, by signing up for one of our special promotions.

Rustoleum Spray Paint Prices

The highest cost Rustoleum paint you can purchase online is Rustoleum High Flow, the rustoleum spray paint with a high spray pressure of 800 psi. High Flow paint is the most versatile of all Rustoleum paint types. Whether for home or commercial applications, High Flow Rustoleum spray paint has the strength and durability to withstand moisture up to 100 pounds per square inch (psi).
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Low Flow rustoleum paint is the Rustoleum low-pressure spray paint which is thinner on the surface allowing for even painting at lower pressure. The Low Flow Rustoleum paint will not have the high spray pressure of the High Flow spray paint. Low Flow Rustoleum paint is used on automotive, agriculture, industrial and residential applications. Rustoleum Low Flow Rustoleum paint is used at high pressure. It is not recommended for landscaping. Rustoleum Low Flow Low pressure spray paint is suitable for use in any room, window, door or cabinet. Rustoleum Low Flow Low-pressure spray paint is not recommended for use in the bathroom, on wooden or vinyl flooring or on painted metal fixtures. The high spray and pressure and durability of the Low Flow Rustoleum paint make it an ideal choice for commercial projects.

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