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Spray paint or pigment can be used to paint or etch metal, ceramics, and plastic products such as plastic food bowls, toys, and plastic cups. Depending on the product or material chosen, powder and paint can be applied, sprayed or mixed with food coloring. In the past, paint was often used in larger-scale, industrial and military programs. Now, however, many of today’s military and public works programs are using pigment paints or powders.

Why does the U.S. military continue to use pigment paints?
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After years of experimentation in designing, constructing, and using the latest U.S. military and public works equipment, the government decided to change the way the paint is used. The military began using pigment paints to paint the new vehicle body panels, for example, as soon as they became available. The more pigment paint a soldier can use as the result of a single application, the less likely that soldiers will need to spray paint another piece of equipment.

Why choose pigment paints for military and public works projects?

If you are applying the paint on a piece of equipment, you may have some choice in what type of powder to use. You may be able to combine any of the powder and paint colors when you decide to use the color for your application. Or you may be able to choose one pigment paint color plus a lighter pigment paint color for your application.

Which colors are suitable for pigment paints?

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