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I can’t paint at all. So I try to paint the things I want to see and keep them away from anything that has a little more to do with me. So a lot of the time in the studio is just sitting there looking at that stuff. It’s fun.

Who is your creative inspiration? I just sit around looking at stuff. I think people are really getting into that. It’s really a little more personal. I do think of my friends. I like to hear their voices, I love to talk to people. But at the same time, it’s just all visual and I’m just trying to make my own picture. Which I do sometimes. It’s just so very easy and natural, but also, it’s like I’m just making my own thing, but I am not thinking in a particular way.
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Do you see an artist emerging? Absolutely not. I’ve seen great work before me, but it seems like no one’s really getting the look that I get. Which is just a good thing — I don’t want to look like a generic person, but at the same time, I don’t want to go into a studio and paint my own thing. I can do that in a small way, but I always have to think, “What am I gonna be doing with this?” I think there’s still a good amount of that going on out there.

What’s next for Black Velvet? I’m working with a tattoo artist, and he’s going to have me doing a lot of different things like tattoos and embroidery. I also got my first tattoo for the show last night. It was a really cool thing that happened, because I didn’t want to have to have a tattoo last night. I want to see how that affects me and how I do with it. It’s cool to see how my mind works.

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The most common type of thief, it turns out, is a home owner or landlord who suspects another tenant might be using a stolen vehicle to drive off with other stuff and goes to report it to the police instead. The police will often get back to the owner, and then the owners will have to pay for repair or the police will do it themselves

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