Where can I practice spray painting? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Planets

November 17, 2020 0 Comments

I like to practice spray painting all over the house, especially around my kitchen appliances. I use paint spray paint for my wood trim, interior walls, and outside walls. Here are some basic steps for practicing and experimenting:

1. Get a big coat of clear coat or latex paint. You can get this at any Home Depot. If the paint you find at Home Depot does not come with the sealant, you can even try shopping at your local paint supply and get the sealant.

2. Next, rub the paint on clean metal surface (e.g. wood trim, plastic panel, glass). The paint does not need to be on long, but it should be thin and even.

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3. Next, use a hobby knife to spread the paint evenly all over the surface (this is the same technique I used for my wood trim). Be sure to wipe any water off the surface.

4. Finally, allow the spray paint to dry completely before you paint over the whole surface—use some wood filler to smooth the paint down to make a flat, smooth surface. This can be a huge mistake if it will be a lot of repeated work over the whole surface.

5. After the paint is fully dry, you can take a spray can that has some sealant, put it over the entire metal surface (just a little over the top, as seen in the photo above) and start applying the sealant.

6. After the sealant dries, the paint should look much smoother and shiny than before, although some surface areas might still have some spots that look faded.

7. After a few cycles using the spray can to paint over the whole area on the bottom, you could actually paint the entire area with a very thin layer of sealant and then take a spray can back and place it right back over the area with a thicker coat of sealant to smooth out any imperfections.

8. Another technique is to spray the top with paint first and then just paint the exposed areas with the sealant afterwards. This technique was used for the exterior trim inside my house.

9. Once I had been spraying the entire top for at least 30 minutes (if there were too many spots that I had to wait for the sealant to dry completely, then I put some oil on the metal to soak up the excess oil), I tried to go back to the door panels to give them a final coat of sealant.


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