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August 13, 2020 0 Comments

Coca-Cola is an old-school chemical company with a long history in the paint industry. The company traces its history back to 1854 when a young German immigrant named Fritz W. Sohn and his assistant, Friedrich M. Pfeiffer, invented the blue-hued paints that we still enjoy today, such as Krylon. The two men then began producing the paints with chemicals extracted from citrus. From there, the company’s chemical supply chain grew and over time it added a product line that combines the company’s many chemical formulas and also paints that use the company’s pigments, including black, brown, yellow and red.

Krylon is famous for its red color, but it’s still the company that makes the yellowish-orange paint it sells at home. The red part is from the food coloring preservatives used to remove harmful compounds in foods, and the orange part is from a pigment (the red part) that’s found in some fruits (the orange part).

Krylon’s history with the paint business dates back almost 70 years. As the first company to come out of Germany with a direct connection to citrus fruit, Krylon did have an interest in chemicals to help improve the quality of its products. Over the years, Krylon has made a few mistakes in using the paints for the plastics and the white plastic used to coat them, according to Bob Mascaro, president of PepsiCo’s Chemical Division. Krylon began using paint made from aluminum foil, which can’t be recycled, and later introduced white-lacquered aluminum-plastic paints.

In the mid-1970s, PepsiCo began looking for ways to make more money. But even after taking the idea of a reusable soda bottle to market in 1981 on its own, it realized the industry as it was at the time would not accept its solutions. So, in a late-stage “race to the bottom” to find cheap alternatives to the old chemical formulas, PepsiCo went looking for some more advanced chemicals. One candidate on their short list of possible chemicals, called Triacetin, was discovered and became Krylon’s most recent success story.

Krylon used Triacetin to make the spray cans in its products and made its red, orange and yellow color, and as a spray can primer. It was very successful because it can be applied quickly and thoroughly and can be layered on a smooth surface without leaving a sticky residue.

But a few of its products used

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